Entering Mai Thai in Boise, it is like entering Thailand itself – except here in Boise’s Mai Thai you can choose delicious dishes from any of the four regional cuisines of Thailand without having to travel out of town. While exotic, Thai food is still comfortably familiar, based on rice or noodles served with fish, meat, or vegetable curries, soups, salads and other dishes usually stir-fried or steamed.

Traditionally, it is eaten with a spoon and fork, but a knife and fork should be fine. It can be seasoned to your taste from mild to authentic. Matching the quality or the food itself at Mai Thai is the atmosphere and the excellence of service. You can relax at the bar with a tall drink: try one of our world-class smoothies, or any of our vast variety of beers, wines and fine spirits. Then enjoy your meal beside a tranquil, reflective pond with a cascading waterfall. Select from an awesome array of possibilities, knowing that whatever you order will be individually prepared by our authentic chefs, here directly from Thailand, using the finest quality ingredients. At Mai Thai we pride ourselves on serving only USDA choice beef, freshly ground 100% chuck, and the freshest fish. Our marinades and sauces are all made from scratch, and our vegetables and salads are freshly hand-cut and prepared to order.

We also pride ourselves in our hand-crafted cocktail selection and the art of cocktail mixology.  Make sure to enjoy one of our many cocktail selections carefully crafted by our very talented bar staff with fresh-squeezed juices, house-made syrups, and fine spirits.

Mai Thai also has an extensive offering of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options available!

Experience the “Best of Boise Thai Food” 8 years running.  Let Mai Thai whisk you away from the bustling of downtown Boise and into the serenity of our dining room to enjoy taste bud-tantalizing food and drink.