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Mai Thai Best of Boise 2016

Five Awards Received By “OpenTable” Diner Voting

  • Diners’ Choice Winner – Boise
  • Diners’ Choice Winner – Fit for Foodies
  • Diners’ Choice Winner – Neighborhood Gem
  • Diners’ Choice Winner – Romantic
  • Diners’ Choice Winner – Special Occasion


Recent Quotes from Diners at Mai Thai…

From OpenTable
“Incredible late night dinner with a fantastic, energetic wait staff. The night could not have been any better.”
“Very pleasantly surprised with the interesting and varied menu, reasonable prices, and quality of food and ambiance. Would highly recommend.”
“Even if the food were average the atmosphere is amazing and worth the visit. But the food was even better and the service was superior. Don’t miss this place in downtown Boise.”
From TripAdvisor
“The servers are wonderful and funny and really knowledgeable of gluten free food. Bartender was really great – very helpful, everyone had aMazing food and it was fresh and great tasting thai food. Go!”
“This establishment was a pleasant surprise. We love Boise, however it’s not known for quality restaurants at this level. It’s as though we were in a different city. Anyway on to the meal. Larry was our waiter, he knows the menu very well and helped us willingly. Mia Thia, we were thinking the usual Asian fare, probably good but nothing outstanding. Well it was exceptional, well seasoned, wonderful ingredients and just the right amount of food. If we vegetarians liked it just imagine how great it must be for the rest of you! Oh yeah the atmosphere is lovely too. Worth a try.”
From UrbanSpoon
“My husband and I went here on a whim. It was during happy hour which has great deals. Delicious food, we had tom kah goong and some sushi, best food since we were in Thailand! Staff was helpful and welcoming. Can’t wait to go back!”
From Yelp
“We only came here to use a gift card I won in a running race. Our first time having fine Japanese. Waiter was ready with recommendations. Took his time. We were not disappointed. Suprisingly complex and entertaining food. We would come back. Curry and ginger dishes were excellent. Get the side sauces boat and be sure to include some sake!”
“We love the lunch buffet. Best deal in town.”
From Google Local
“My husband and I went here on a whim. It was during happy hour which has great deals. Delicious food, we had tom kah goong and some sushi, best food since we were in Thailand! Staff was helpful and welcoming. Can’t wait to go back!”
By Chef Vern Bauer, Executive Chef at St. Alphonsus Boise

The Boise area has long been starved for a consistent Sushi venue that does justice to other styles of preparations in the same ethnic context. How many Sushi places do anything authentically Japanese besides the sushi – and then do it really well?!Conversely Mai Thai is kind of the Ying to the Yang respectively, in regards to culinary ethnic diversity. This tremendous Thai food restaurant also comes with this radically good Sushi menu as a huge bonus.The connection between me at Saint Alphonus RMC and Billy at Mai Thai started long ago when we sat down and said, “In order for sustainable commerce to really prosper – we need to join forces!” and so a bond was formed that I’ve been fortunate to help foster over the last 4 years.

Our organizations have very parallel opinions in how we treat our customer.

• Consistently excel at what you do -
• Go above and beyond when ever possible and -
• At the very business core, carry yourself with great integrity.

This has been the real reason our collaboration has worked so well. The staff at Mai Thai is always ready willing and able to complete a technical order or fix an issue on the spot. There has never been a time when I’ve heard, “Let me find a manager that can help you…” The delivery personnel is polite, professional & swift making the exchange of product in our busy account easy & flawless.

So I haven’t even mentioned the food part yet and won’t waste another moment before doing so. The Sushi and packaged meal offerings are top notch. I run a scratch based operation – so I’m extra finicky about signing my name off on another product that wasn’t made in my facility.

The Sushi comes in so fresh and is packaged so beautifully that it rarely makes it through the day. The avocado on the green Goddess is cut with such precision that you would have thought a machine did it. Our guests have pushed us for more product on the weekends and consume a ton of Sushi from Mai Thai for caterings on a consistant basis. The product comes in with exacting precision that has established quite a following.

I’ve personally visited Mai Thai and have the utmost respect for what Billy and his team have accomplished. The Mai Thai kitchen was spotlessly clean, tidy, and sanitary. The cooks that come here to roll on our Exhibition Sushi day are professional and function with a granular sense of detail. I highly recommend the crew at Mai Thai Sushi as Boise’s best local Thai & Sushi restaurant concept. They have brought value to our customers as I’m confident sure they’ll do the same for you.

Chef Vern Bauer
Executive Chef at Saint Alphonsus Boise

By Chef Jered Couch, Executive Chef at St. Alphonsus Nampa
Mai Thai provides a unique food experience and exceptional customer service for our patrons. Customers expecting usual hospital fair are excited and impressed by the variety of Sushi and Rice Bowls that are available and at a very affordable price. When we have questions and special requests, Billy and his staff are very quick to respond. Recently they came to our café and gave a presentation and offered samples of their new products. It was awesome. Mai Thai provides an invaluable service for our establishment.Chef Jered Couch
Executive Chef at Saint Alphonsus Nampa


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