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Thai Food Caldwell, Idaho

Mai Thai is now offering delivery to Caldwell! In partnership with Crave delivery, at our Meridian location, we can now deliver Thai food in Caldwell, Idaho. Our kitchen delivery radius is 20 miles from the Crave location (2900 W Excursion Ln Meridian, ID 83642) so if you’re in Caldwell, you can enjoy some delicious Thai food!

To get started, click one of the buttons below to order online from Crave or download their handy app. If you’d like more information on the Crave experience, keep reading.

For a limited time, use the code MAITHAIDELIVERY for free delivery on your order!


How Does Crave Work?

Crave Delivery is a new delivery service in Boise, Idaho. Crave’s experience is unique, featuring a kitchen that not only delivers Thai food in Caldwell but offers space to several restaurants. This is a great new experience for The Treasure Valley because:

  • You can order delivery from Mai Thai at the same time as another supported restaurant, which will all come from the same place, with the same driver, and your food will arrive all at the same time. So, if someone wants Thai and another wants steak? That’s no problem, your order will arrive fast and hot so you can all eat together.
  • Crave picks and chooses their drivers to make sure you get a quality experience.
  • Crave is home to several award-winning restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else in The Treasure Valley!
  • You can pick-up your Thai food order at Crave at the same time as any other restaurant orders, allowing you to only have to make one stop for all of your favorites.

More About Crave

Crave provides a lot of value to not only their customers but also the community. If you’re interested in learning more about their partnership with Mai Thai, and how the experience works, watch the KTVB clip below.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to see all of the menu options available for Mai Thai (and more), you can use the buttons below.

Don’t forget to use the code MAITHAIDELIVERY to get free delivery on your first order!


Mai Thai Food Pick-Up Location

Mai Thai’s Meridian location is located in the Crave collective. To pick up your orders (or see if you’re within the radius), the address is:

2900 W Excursion Ln
Meridian, ID 83642

Don’t worry, the app will tell you where to go too. The app will also give you the available kitchen hours for the Meridian location.